Situación actual de la mujer en Urología en Colombia

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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES:  There are 61 (9%) female urologist enrolled at Sociedad Colombiana de Urología. 41 (40%) of urology residentes in Colombia are women. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the work tendencies of female urologist, female residents and patient's preferences regarding the gender of their urologist. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Descriptive observational sectional study with anonymous surveys carried out to practicing female urologists, female residents, and patients. The questions evaluated the demographic characteristics of the surveyed individuals; the questions for female urologists evaluated their work tendencies; for the residents we evaluated their plans as urologists; and the patients were asked about their preferences to be evaluated in medical consultation and to have a surgery performed by either a male or female urologist. RESULTS: The survey was answered by 53 female urologists. The average age was 37 years, the majority (54%) worked in Bogotá. 34% have subspecialized, the majority in andrology (16%) endourology (16%) and pediatric urology (16%). Most of them (73.6%) perform surgery between 5-20 hours weekly, and the most performed surgery was varicocelectomy. 34% referred to have been harassed in their work environment based on their gender.Thirty-six female residents answered the survey. Th eaverage age was 28 years. The average number of academic publications was 3. 80% wish to achieve a sub-specialization, of which 24% would do it in endourology. 41% referred to have been harassed. 188 patients answered the survey, 96 men and 87 women; 44.1% preferred to be attended in medical consultation by a female urologist, and 49.2% preferred to be operated by a male urologist. CONCLUSIONS: The number of female urologists has exponentially increased, just as the percentage of female residents. Female residents wish to subspecialize in diverse areas. Patients prefer to be attended by a female urologist in medical consultation but prefer to have surgery performed by a male urologist.

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