Family history of pre-eclampsia and cardiovascular disease as risk factors for pre-eclampsia: the GenPE case-control study

Norma C. Serrano, Doris Cristina Quintero-Lesmes, Frank Dudbridge, Lydia J. Leon, Aroon D. Hingorani, David J. Williams, Juan P. Casas

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Objective: To determine whether family history of pre-eclampsia and cardiovascular disease is consistently associated with the occurrence of pre-eclampsia sub-phenotypes and fetal growth restriction (FGR). Material and Methods: We conducted a case-control study in which cases of pre-eclampsia and healthy pregnant controls were recruited at the time of delivery from eight Colombian cities between 2000 and 2012. Odds of pre-eclampsia among women with a positive family history of pre-eclampsia or cardiovascular disease were compared to women without affected relatives (logistic regression modeling and multinomial logistic regression model [Ajusted]). Results: A total of 3510 pre-eclampsia cases and 4512 controls with data on family history of pre-eclampsia were included in analyses. A subsample of 3086 cases and 3888 controls also provided information on family history of cardiovascular disease. Women whose mothers had pre-eclampsia had 3.38 (95% CI 2.89, 3.96) higher odds than those who did not, and having an affected sister increased pre-eclampsia odds by 2.43 (95% CI 2.02, 2.93). The effect of having both mother and sister affected with pre-eclampsia was stronger than the two independent risk factors (OR 4.17 [95% CI 2.60, 6.69]). Women with parental history of cardiovascular disease also had an increased risk of pre-eclampsia (OR 1.58 [95% CI 1.24, 2.01]). Conclusions: Family history of pre-eclampsia increased the risk of PE. The impact of family history of cardiovascular disease on pre-eclampsia was more conservative, but serves to support the hypothesis that pre-eclampsia may reflect the premature exposure of underlying cardiovascular dysfunction, precipitated by the stress test of pregnancy.

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PublicaciónHypertension in Pregnancy
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