Modelo de madurez de adopción de las Tecnologías de Información para las universidades: Una aproximación desde el enfoque de Smart University

Translated title of the thesis: Maturity model for adoption of Information Technologies at universities: An approach from the Smart University perspective
  • Dewar Rico-Bautista

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Smart University is a concept strongly related to smart technologies; it focuses on improving its technological infrastructure to achieve quality educational goals. Organizations, including universities, need to embrace smart technologies to leverage the capabilities they provide to transform their processes and drive them towards new organizational models. An evolutionary approach for a current university to progress in levels towards a smart university is conducive to a maturity model.
Technology management in universities has an impact on the quality of their academic and administrative processes.
The literature review revealed a knowledge gap since this perspective has been very little researched and descriptive contributions prevail. Although maturity models are numerous and widely applicable, there is little documentation on how to develop them. So far, academics often do not provide detailed guidelines or useful tools to support the practical adoption of the developed models in universities.
To contribute to filling this gap, the objective of the present thesis was to design a maturity model under the hypothesis that it would be feasible and a useful tool in the evolution of the smart university concept, in the adoption and management of smart technologies, and continuous improvement.
This thesis presents the integration of key factors and indicators for the adoption of four smart technologies: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things; embodied in the design of a maturity model, evaluated, and applied in a case study at the Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocaña. It was found that the model is useful, relevant, and applicable to assess the evolutionary approach of current university progress towards an intelligent university. It concludes on the need for alignment of smart technologies with the processes of the organization,
requiring greater interaction with senior management. In addition to this thesis, 32 academic products were obtained. A set of recommendations for future research in a constantly evolving concept are derived.
Date of Award2022
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorCesar Dario Guerrero Santander (Supervisor)


  • Engineering
  • Technology management
  • Maturity model
  • Smart technologies
  • Smart-university
  • Technology adoption
  • Technological innovations
  • Technological change
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer networks
  • Communications technology

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