Análisis del Liderazgo Político de Rodolfo Hernández en Colombia desde el año 2013 hasta el año 2023

Translated title of the thesis: Analysis of the political leadership of Rodolfo Hernández in Colombia from 2013 to 2023
  • Ivan Dario Torres Alfonso

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The characterization of the leadership style of Rodolfo Hernández is made after the presidential elections in Colombia carried out in the year 2022, elections that had a great particularity; the strongest candidates in the second round came from sectors outside the government of the day. The analysis takes a tour of the political dossier of Hernández, analyzing his trajectory from the creation of his first significant movement of citizens, until the second round of the elections, in order to demonstrate whether the phenomenon caused by this political actor is a true political proposal. Using a qualitative approach, empirical concepts and categories of political leadership were identified and compared with the characteristics of Rodolfo Hernández; For this, his administration as mayor of Bucaramanga was also evaluated through the decalogue proposed by Alcántara (2004), identifying strengths and weaknesses. The results were contrasted with interviews carried out with people who are or have been part of its political structure. As a result, the investigation shows that Rodolfo Hernández represented a true political proposal, although without much ideological substance, an effective proposal electorally, but inefficient in time. A personalist political project that coincides with some types of charismatic leadership. The different forms of democracy give rise to different forms of leadership and that is where Rodolfo Hernández's style is configured. His anti-establishment speech describes him as an outsider leader. Finally, it is concluded that Hernández's leadership style is his own style, which masterfully amalgamated his strengths and the needs of his electorate, which facilitated the construction of a unique profile.
Date of Award2023
Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
Awarding Institution
  • Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga
  • Maestría en Ciencia Política
SupervisorCamilo Alipios Cruz Merchán (Supervisor)

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