Validación de la Escala de Desesperanza de Beck en pacientes con riesgo suicida

Translated title of the contribution: Validation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in patients with suicide risk

German Eduardo Rueda-Jaimes, Vanessa Alexandra Castro-Rueda, Andrés Mauricio Rangel-Martínez-Villalba, Catalina Moreno-Quijano, Gustavo Adolfo Martinez-Salazar, Paul Anthony Camacho

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Introduction: Only a few scales have been validated in Spanish for the assessment of suicide risk, and none of them have achieved predictive validity. Objective: To determine the validity and reliability of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in patients with suicide risk attending the specialist clinic. Methods: The Beck Hopelessness Scale, reasons for living inventory, and the suicide behaviour questionnaire were applied in patients with suicide risk attending the psychiatric clinic and the emergency department. A new assessment was made 30 days later to determine the predictive validity of suicide or suicide attempt. Results: The evaluation included a total of 244 patients, with a mean age of 30.7 ± 13.2 years, and the majority were women. The internal consistency was.9 (Kuder-Richardson formula 20). Four dimensions were found which accounted for 50% of the variance. It was positively correlated with the suicidal behaviour questionnaire (Spearman.48, P <.001), number of suicide attempts (Spearman.25, P <.001), severity of suicide risk (Spearman.23, P <.001). The correlation with the reasons for living inventory was negative (Spearman –.52, P <.001). With a cut-off ≥ 12, the negative predictive value was 98.4% (95% CI: 94.2-99.8), and the positive predictive value was 14.8% (95% CI: 6.6-27.1). Conclusion: The Beck Hopelessness Scale in Colombian patients with suicidality shows results similar to the original version, with adequate reliability and moderate concurrent and predictive validity.

Translated title of the contributionValidation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in patients with suicide risk
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)86-93
Number of pages8
JournalRevista de Psiquiatria y Salud Mental
Issue number2
StatePublished - 1 Apr 2018


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