Technology readiness for IoT adoption in Colombian SMEs

Diana Teresa Parra, Leonardo Hernan Talero-Sarmiento, Jose David Ortiz, Cesar D. Guerrero

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The adoption of technological trends such as the Internet of Things is a challenge for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), considering their financial and technological limitations. Based on the literature review, IoT readiness in SMEs is related to two factors: availability of ICT infrastructure and organizational culture focused on adopting digital technologies. Likewise, the CIO is the person in charge of developing the digital transformation strategy and leading the IoT projects' execution. In particular, addressing the needs of Colombian SMEs, this article presents five guidelines to promote SMEs' IoT readiness, considering the Technology-Organization-Environment Model (TOE): The CIO as leader of the digital transformation process in SMEs, Training programs focused on promoting IoT skills in employees, Transition to high-speed broadband, Acquisition of low-cost IoT solutions suitable for SMEs, and Participation in digital transformation programs. Additionally, the document highlights the need for public policies focused on the massification of IoT.


  • Digital transformation
  • IoT adoption
  • IoT readiness
  • SMEs
  • Technology readiness
  • TOE framework


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