Surgical research in Colombia part 2: Scientific production of Colombian academic surgeons

Colombian Future Surgeons Collaborative Group

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Introduction: The production of quality surgical evidence and the development of academic surgery have emerged as priorities for the solution of current barriers to achieving the objectives of global surgery. The academic training and scientific production of academic surgeons is essential for the production of new knowledge. In Latin America, specifically in Colombia, there are no studies that have analyzed this production. Methods: A retrospective cross-sectional bibliometric study was carried out, in which the Colombian Ministry of Science database was consulted with the validated results up to July 2021. In the search section for research profiles, the key word “Surgery” was used, and all associated CvLAC (profiles where the information of Colombian researchers can be found) and their registered products were reviewed. Results: A total of 1701 researchers in surgery were registered in the database of the Colombian Ministry of Science, of which only 380 corresponded to academic surgeons with correct registration. Only 6 (1.6%) were found to have a Ph.D., 45 (11.8%) a fellow, and 20 (5.3%) a master's degree. 79.5% (n = 302) of Colombian academic surgeons are men. Only 10.2% (n = 39) are formally categorized as researchers. 45.3% (n = 172) have not published scientific articles. The total number of published articles was 2386, and most of them were published in Q4 journals (n = 1121; 47%) or not indexed by SJR/Publindex (n = 517; 21.6%). Only 3 surgeons have more than 100 articles. 9.5% have published at least 1 book, and 40% have participated in at least 1 project. Conclusions: According to data registered with the Colombian Ministry of Science, a large part of the scientific production of Colombian academic surgeons is concentrated in scientific articles, most of which are found in Q4 or non-categorized journals. Approximately half of the academic surgeons have not published at least one scientific article. However, one fifth of those who have, have published at least 8 articles. Less than 20% of surgeons have additional postgraduate studies, and only 1 in 4 academic surgeons is a woman.

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JournalAnnals of Medicine and Surgery
StatePublished - Oct 2022
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