Restrictive or liberal red-cell transfusion for cardiac surgery

C. D. Mazer, R. P. Whitlock, D. A. Fergusson, J. Hall, E. Belley-Cote, K. Connolly, B. Khanykin, A. J. Gregory, E. De Medicis, S. McGuinness, A. Royse, F. M. Carrier, P. J. Young, J. C. Villar, H. P. Grocott, M. D. Seeberger, S. Fremes, F. Lellouche, S. Syed, K. ByrneS. M. Bagshaw, N. C. Hwang, C. Mehta, T. W. Painter, C. Royse, S. Verma, G. M.T. Hare, A. Cohen, K. E. Thorpe, P. Juni, N. Shehata

Research output: Articles / NotesScientific Articlepeer-review

483 Scopus citations


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