Prognostic Value of MMP-9 -1562 C/T Gene Polymorphism in Patients With Sepsis

César Bermúdez-Mejía, Melissa F. Torres-Cordón, Silvia Becerra-Bayona, Carolina María Páez, Clara Inés Vargas, María Eugenia Cárdenas, Sergio Eduardo Serrano, Ingrid Baquero, Ruth Martínez-Vega, Richard Schulz, Ramses Ilarraza, Antonio Pazin Filho, Diego Torres-Dueñas

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Introduction: Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) plays an important role in the pathophysiology of sepsis. A single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) at position -1562 (C/T) in the MMP-9 gene has been associated with differential MMP-9 expression, being higher when the -1562 T allele is present. We evaluated the association of the SNP MMP9 -1562 C/T with severity and mortality in patients with sepsis to establish whether the prognosis of the disease is affected. Materials and Methods: A case-control study exploratory was carried out in a cohort of infected patients. 540 individuals were selected in total, 270 patients with sepsis and 270 controls (infected but non-septic), classified according to the 2016 consensus (Sepsis-3). The presence of the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP; allele T and/or allele C) was determined through analyses of restriction fragment length polymorphism and plasma levels of MMP-9 were determined through enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay immunoassay. Results: SNP MMP-9 -1562 has two known alleles (T and C), with predominance of the C over the T allele; in the group of patients with sepsis, T allele was found in 7.2% of cases, while C allele in the rest (92.8%); in comparison, in the group of infected but non-septic patients, frequencies were 9.4% for T allele and 90.6% for the C allele (P =.33). Also, the presence of the polymorphic T allele was not related to the levels of MMP-9 in patients with sepsis in comparison with infected but non-septic patients 780 (397-1375) ng/mL vs 646 (172-1249) ng/mL (P =.64). There was also no association between the SNP and sepsis mortality (P =.78). Conclusions: We concluded that there was no association between the SNP MMP9 -1562 C/T and sepsis or between the SNP MMP9 -1562 C/T and sepsis mortality in the Northeastern Colombian septic patient cohort. Further research is needed to clarify the correlation among sepsis, genetic factors with allele T and MMP-9 plasma concentration.

Original languageEnglish
JournalBiomarker Insights
StatePublished - 1 May 2019


  • matrix metalloproteinase 9
  • prognosis
  • sepsis
  • single-nucleotide polymorphism


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