Chief Information Officer's Role for IoT-based Digital Transformation in Colombian SMEs

Diana Teresa Parra-Sánchez, Leonardo Hernán Talero-Sarmiento, José David Ortíz-Cuadros, César D. Guerrero

Research output: Articles / NotesScientific Articlepeer-review


The Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can benefit small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by complementing existing digital technologies. However, digital transformation represents complexity for SMEs because they lack technology readiness. In Colombia, there are initiatives to massify the IoT, but the regulatory environment does not favour IoT adoption. Likewise, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is still weak. This document aims to present the value of having a CIO lead IoT-based digital transformation in Colombian SMEs. To this end, we conducted a literature review about IoT adoption in SMEs and the role of the CIO in managing digital transformation. In addition, we studied the public policies in force that addressed digital transformation in Colombia and designed a case study to explain the IoT adoption process that an SME in the trading sector can follow. As a result, we outline three strategic functions of the CIO to lead IoT-based digital transformation in SMEs. Based on the case study, we proposed a digital transformation strategy for SMEs in the trading sector that can inspire the formulation of public policies focused on strengthening the role of the CIO for IoT adoption in small and medium enterprises.

Translated title of the contributionRol del Director de Información para la Transformación Digital basada en IoT en las PYMES colombianas
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)43-54
Number of pages12
JournalRevista Colombiana de Computación
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jul 2022


  • CIO
  • Digital transformation
  • IoT adoption
  • SMEs
  • Technology readiness


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