ESOS - Sostenibilidad y Optimización de Sistemas Energéticos

Organization profile

organization profile

The ESOS research group is a formative research space focused on modeling, analysis, optimization and sustainability of different types of energy systems, in various applications of energy resources, including their procurement, transformation and final use.


Justification:  The understanding of energy systems is currently a topic of high demand in research and critical mass formation, especially in the context of the energy transition. This transition develops at different speeds and under different contexts in each region or country. These particularities make it necessary to adapt or determine models of the behavior of these systems under their conditions or constraints. Thus, the problem of decision making in situations or problems related to energy systems requires single-objective and multi-objective optimization models that integrate economic, social, environmental and technical variables to determine optimal solutions in terms of efficiency, cost and sustainability.

General Objective: Generate formative research in the definition of objective functions and appropriate indicators for the determination of the most appropriate design or operation parameters that result in greater efficiency, profitability and sustainability of energy systems.


Specific Objectives: 
1. Develop competencies in formulation of optimization and sustainability problems applied to energy systems.
2. To develop competencies in the solution of optimization problems applied to energy systems.
3. To develop competencies in the formulation of performance and/or sustainability indicators that can be applied to energy systems optimization problems.